Corvette Wheels - Cray Hawk (Set) - 20" x 11" / 19" x 9.5" - Chrome : C7 Stingray, Z51




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These wheels have been discontinued, this is the

C7 Corvette Wheels - Cray Hawk (Set) - 20" x 11" ET 73 / 19" x 9.5" ET 56 : Chrome

Corvette wheels — large diameters and very wide widths. It's always been hard fitting aftermarket wheels on Corvettes. But Cray wheels change all this. Our wheels are made specifically for Corvettes — and only for Corvettes. Cray wheels even accept the original Corvette center cap. Plus, all Cray wheels take the original Corvette air sensor and are Corvette "hub-centric," ensuring you and your 'Vette the smoothest ride.
Of course, you also know that Corvettes require staggered wheel applications. Cray offers the world's widest range of one-piece, staggered Corvette-specific wheel applications, including 19- and 20-inch applications. Cray wheels are available in the perfect width for your Corvette, because they're specifically designed for Corvettes.

·Wheels accept tire pressure sensors like factory. ·Lifetime structure warranty.

·(2) Front Wheels ·(2) Rear Wheels ·(4) Center Caps ·(16) Lug Nuts ·(1) Lock Kit