Corvette Wheel Exchange

We make it simple to exchange your unattractive factory painted or polished OEM Factory GM wheels with our chrome or black "ready to ship" Wheel Exchange Program.

In order for you not to have any unnecessary down time with your vehicle, once your order is ready to ship, we will send you a set our triple plated chrome or black powder coated GM wheels. We do have some great options that will even make this process a breeze!!! 

Once received you can arrange to take your car in to have them installed or we can ship your new wheels directly to your installer and all you have to do is show up and drive away, hassle free.  Once installation is done, simply put your old wheels back in the same boxes and return them to us.

We do charge a refundable core deposit which will be refunded upon return and the inspection of your undamaged wheels. 

West Coast Corvettes carries the finest and the largest inventory of Chrome Plated Factory GM Wheels in the country and most are available for immediate delivery to anywhere in the world. Many people are misled and fooled by low quality triple plated wheels.

The term "Triple Plating" is a very general term as there are many variations of triple plating. Triple plating consists of Nickel, Copper, and Chrome. Each stage can vary between the different plating companies by the amount of time and attention each process is given. Copper polishing is a step that most companies by-pass, as this is a more costly step. The amount of time each wheel spends in each plating tank has a large effect on the longevity of the chrome plating.

These are all things that we strongly emphasize on and strictly monitor during our plating process. This strict quality control has allowed us to carry the reputation of having the " best in the business ". All one-piece alloy wheels come with a 3-Year Written Warranty.

WE ONLY EXCHANGE GM PAINTED OR POLISHED WHEELS. Exchange must be for the same year & style GM wheels. 

If it is quality that's important to you, you will not find a finer product, "We guarantee it!!"

Salt Zone (A coastal area or area that treats their roads with salt to melt snow). Once salt is on the roads, it comes back as soon as it rains, thus splashing corrosive salt water on your chrome wheels. Salt can be very damaging and expedites the rusting process. It would be best to buy a wheel brush and clean your wheels frequently with soap and water, using the brush to heavily scrub areas that cannot be reached through normal washing. This should especially be done when you put your car away for the winter as the wheels will be corroding for months while they sit in the garage.

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