Corvette Transmission Cooling Kit - LG Motorsports : C7 Z51


C7 Z51 A6 Corvette Stage II Transmission Cooling Kit from LG Motorsports.
We found in testing that the automatic transmission on the 2014 Corvette's was not up to the task of staying cool during HPDE events, even with the Z51 optional cooling package. Knowing there was a growing number of automatics on track we have developed a two stage attack plan to fight the dreaded "limp home mode" when the car over heats.

includes a much larger pan that can hold an additional 4 quarts of trans fluid in addition to a much more efficient trans cooler to replace your OEM cooler on Z51 cars.

adds a modified OEM trans line set, fittings, and brackets to run the OEM Z51 cooler inline for a total increased capacity of almost 7 quarts more than stock with more then double the cooler surface area!

Pan and HD cooler
Modified OEM lines for second cooler bracket and adapters to mount OEM cooler inline

RedLine D6 ATF is suggested for fluid