These "Snap In" jacking pads allows you to install and forget them and the next time you need to lift your Corvette they will be in place and ready.
These pads can be used on the as the frame design is slightly different and does not allow the clip on the back side of the pad to catch the frame.

Made of strong ABS plastic that will last a lifetime. Most will want to just leave them in but to remove them is as simple as using a small screwdriver and popping them off. Made with a low height design they will hang just over 1/2" from the frame with a circumference of 2 3/4".

Why risk damage to your Corvette when an inexpensive jack pad will allow you to safely and properly raise and lower your Corvette.

Fits All 97 and Newer Corvettes ().
"Snap In" Pads Allows the Jack Pad to remain Installed always Ready for Use.
Made of Strong ABS Plastic for a Lifetime of Use.
Low Profile Design.
Best Jack Pad Option for your Corvette.

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