Corvette Perforated Brake Booster Covers Brushed or Polished - Stainless Steel : C7 Stingray, Z51, Z06, Grand Sport, ZR1





Customize your C7 Corvette engine bay by adding these stainless steel Brake Booster Covers in a polished and brushed combination of finishes guaranteed to make your brake boosters stand out. Made from 100% stainless steel, these booster covers will have a better shine than chrome or billet aluminum and will last longer than both. All of our accessories are made by hand in the USA.

100% Stainless Steel.
Available in 3 finish options, bushed, polished or polished/brushed/polished.
Will not tarnish, fade or rust.
Easy installation takes just minutes.
Fits C7 Stingray, Z06, Z51, Grand Sport
Made in USA!