C7 Corvette Stingray Radar Detector Mount for Uniden R1/R3,DFR8/DFR9
NO Adhesives and NO removal of Rear View Mirror necessary.
Mount Your Uniden R1/R3,DFR8/DFR9  Radar Detector Without The Suction Cups !!!
Securely Attaches Your Radar Detector To The Stem Of Your Rear View Mirror.
Multiple Adjustments Allow For The Perfect Placement Of Your Radar Detector.
A High Quality Mount Constructed Of Durable, Lightweight, Black Anodized Aluminum.
Looks Factory-Installed !!!
This BlendMount Kit includes everything needed for a professional looking installation, including extra hardware, allen wrenches, cable ties and instruction sheet.  
NOTE: Radar detector NOT included. Works with auto dim mirror only.