C8 Corvette Rear Spoiler

Are you looking for a way to give your C8 Corvette that extra touch of style, while also improving function? You can transform the look and performance of your C8 Corvette with a wing spoiler from West Coast Corvette. Not only does the C8 Corvette Rear Spoiler add an aggressive aesthetic to your car, but it also provides a substantial amount of downforce that will transform its rear end.

West Coast Corvette stands as the top brand in the performance market. All spoilers sold at WCC implement strict standards of excellence to ensure each product is engineered and tested with maximum precision. Our dedication to quality guarantees customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Benefits of Getting a Rear Spoiler for C8 Corvette

A rear spoiler is engineered to provide your C8 with an improved down force rating, allowing for more stability and control in fast cornering situations. This significantly adds to the appearance of your car, setting it apart from other Corvettes on the street. If you purchase a Corvette C8 rear spoiler, these are the amazing benefits you can take advantage of:

Variety and Quality

Like all Corvette body parts sold by WCC, our C8 rear spoilers are meticulously constructed from the finest carbon fiber for durable strength without compromising on weight - and then sprayed in one of four illustrious colors: black, arctic white, red, or carbon flash black.

By spraying your C8 Corvette Rear Spoiler, you can customize your car’s look with a pop of paint that will match your style and complete the transformation.

Easy Installation

The WCC Corvette C8 rear spoiler can be securely fastened to the car's rear deck, attaching to its original mounting points. This means that installation is effortless and won’t require any additional parts. Plus, we provide detailed instructions to make the process easier.

Unrivaled Resilience

With WCC C8 Corvette spoilers made from carbon fiber and other high-end components, you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion. It can resist the elements and stay strong for years of use. Moreover, the Corvette c8 rear spoiler won’t fade or discolor, so it retains its brand-new look after every wash.

So if you’re looking for an easy way to enhance your Corvette C8’s style and performance, then the West Coast Corvette rear spoiler is a perfect choice!

An Ideal Match For Your Chevrolet C8

By utilizing our meticulous in-house manufacturing process, all spoilers offered by WCC provide the highest quality carbon fiber for your C8 Corvette.

Our meticulous scanning process is only the beginning of WCC's dedication to excellence. We invest extensive time and resources into each product, ensuring that the designs of these spoilers have been modified and tested until they reach perfection. This passion for precision sets us apart from other companies in the industry.

Thus, WCC products have become the go-to aftermarket carbon fiber option for consumers who want the best.

What Sets WCC’s Chevrolet Accessory Parts Apart? 

Our products are crafted and painted with care at our specialized facility, using advanced closed molding processes. To ensure long-lasting protection from the elements, each piece is coated in a special 3-stage clear coat and automotive UV finish, giving you peace of mind your product will retain its beautiful gloss for years to come!

WCC also offers free shipping over $99 and a satisfaction guarantee with each purchase, so you can trust that you’re getting the best product on the market.

Your Vette Is in the Best Hands - Safety Guaranteed!

We understand and appreciate the value of your Corvette, which is why we designed and manufactured the WCC C8 rear spoiler for the perfect fit on all C8 models, including the C8 Z51 Model - with no cutting, drilling, or modifications needed. You can install it yourself, or request professional installation if you wish.

If you drive a Z51, the perfect addition to your vehicle is the highly recommended WCC Z51 Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler. It’s the perfect way to customize your C8 and keep it looking stylish and unique. When it's time to uninstall, all you need to do is remove the two fasteners and break free from the tape - it’s easy as that!

Get Your C8 Corvette High Wing Spoiler

If you are interested in customizing your C8 Corvette with a wing spoiler that’s built for speed and style, then look no further than West Coast Corvette! Shop our selection today to find the perfect C8 Corvette rear spoiler for your car.

Visit WCC and explore our comprehensive selection of hardware for 2020 - 2023 Corvette Stingray parts, as well as other C8 corvette accessories in stock. This also includes the spoiler system with its upper and lower wings, all for an affordable price! At West Coast Corvette, you’ll be sure to find the perfect addition to your C8 Corvette.