Corvette Billet Alternator : 1997-2004 C5 w/LS1

Option Selected: 170amp - Machined
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Manufacturer Part Number: B13968170M
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“6 phase Billet-Tech alternators offer more low RPM output than OEM C5 or C6 alternators. These unit features cutting edge 6 phase hairpin stator technology for incredible durability and high RPM stability. Instead of a single rectifier assembly, this unit features TWIN rectifiers and twice as many diodes to spread out the heat, and dramatically increase durability. This unit also uses 15% less horsepower per Kilowatt of energy produced, as compared to OEM alternators. The installation of a Billet-Tech alternator will immediately result in slightly higher overall voltage, better battery condition, faster power windows, brighter headlights and better overall performance. 
In addition to fundamentally more efficient technology, these units also feature:
  • Attractive Billet-Aluminum housing
  • Oversized charge post for sturdy cable connections
  • Premium low-drag bearings
  • Ultra-precision balanced rotor for 20,000 rpm capability
  • Twin rectifiers with 12 press fit diodes
  • Hairpin epoxy re-enforced vibration resistant stator
  • Precision pulley machined from bar stock (decorative and custom pulleys sold separately)

Billet-Tech Corvette alternators are equipped with a 2.5” diameter pulley, and use the stock length belt. Adding a 4 gauge charge and ground cable is recommended when installing a 240 amp unit.”

  • Chrome and Black Anodized finishes are special order and ship in about 2-3 weeks from order date.
  • These alternators Do Not Work on 2009-2012 ZR1 LS9 Corvettes.

  • 2 year performance guarantee.
    The MechMan two year warranty applies to Mechman Alternators sold ON or AFTER 07/13/2011. This limited two year warranty allows the customer to return his or her MechMan alternator for repair for a full two years after the alternator purchase date. This warranty does not cover other parts or equipment on the vehicle, and does not cover labor for removal or installation of the alternator. This warranty is VOID if the MechMan alternator is modified, physically abused, misused, improperly installed, or is not used in the application for which it was designed. The MechMan two year warranty is non-transferrable. The customer must include a copy of the original invoice when sending in their alternator in order to receive warranty service. The customer is responsible for shipping the alternator to the Mechman facility for warranty service, Mechman will pay return shipping back to the customer for all alternators under warranty. As an added service, MechMan will also service any MechMan alternator of any age or condition for the cost of parts and return shipping.