Corvette Tire Pressure Sensor Reset Tool VT15: 1997-2013 C5,C6,Z06,ZR1,Grand Sport

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A hobbyist's dream come true!

As simple as one push on a button.

Easy-to-use, simply position the two-button triggering tool close to the sensor and tire side, then press the left button. LED lights provide feedback while in use. A yellow LED light is illuminated while the tool is transmitting. A red light will illuminate when the battery is low. Includes one replaceable 9-volt battery.

ATEQ VT15 is simply the cheapest TPMS sensor activator available on the market.

It has a unique one button interface.

So you position it next to your tire and it will trigger TPMS sensor.
Designed to last in rough environments like tire repair shops; the VT15 is powered with 9V batteries.

ATEQ VT15 complete specifications:

  • Sensor compatibility: Universal tool – 2 buttons to trigger all existing TPMS sensors
  • Radio stream: 1 emission LF 125 KHz LF 125 KHz to activate different tpms sensors or set up one sensor in different modes 
  • Power supply:  9 V battery
  • Weight: 132 g
  • Dimensions H x W x D: mm  155 x 50 x 30