Corvette Shoulder Harness Cam Lock G-Force Racing - 6 Point : Red

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These camlock harnesses from G-FORCE are constructed from premium nylon webbing and a high-quality cam buckle. Funnel-style receivers in the camlock make plugging in the belts a snap! They feature an ultra-lightweight magnesium case and a high-tech, quarter-turn mechanism. Each belt will rotate up to 40 degrees and move up and down 10 degrees to conform to the driver's body. This provides an extra measure of comfort compared to other camlock buckles. These harnesses are available in several styles and colors.


  • SFI 16.1 Rated
  • Camlock
  • 6-point
  • 3.0" wide belts
  • Pull up - adjustment
  • Bolt-in
  • Floor Mount
  • Lap, Shoulder, and anti-submarine belts
  • Made from Nylon
  • Sold individually