Corvette Wheels - XO Luxury - Verona (Set) : Custom Color, C5, C6, C7

Option Selected: 19 x 9.5 / ET 56 and 20x11.0 / ET 73 : C5
SKU: 2016
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Compact and easy to navigate, Verona remains one of Italy's most underrated cities despite its picturesque center of cobblestone streets lined with medieval pink-hued buildings and well-preserved Roman architecture.

XO Luxury Wheels stays on the forefront of trending styles with the XO Verona wheel. If you've been searching for a wheel that is a perfect representation of precise engineering made to the strictest standards, look no further than the XO Verona.
Sizes 19x8.5 19x9.5 19x10 19x11, 20x8.5 20x9 20x10 20x10.5 20x11 20x12 22x9 22x10.5