C7 Corvette - Side Cove LED Lighting Kit with (4) Function Remote : Stingray, Z51, Z06, Grand Sport

Option Selected: Red / Super Bright
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Manufacturer Part Number: CLS-CC7-SB-4RM
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Introducing our new C7 Corvette Side Cove LED Lighting Kit with a 4 Function Remote. This kit is designed specifically for the C7. This C7 Corvette Side Cove LED Lighting Kit with a 4 Function Remote comes complete with only 2 easy connections to make under the hood.
The 4 function remote controller has the following functions. Automatically cycle from dim to bright and back to dim at the touch of a button. You can also select the strobe function and adjust how many times you want it to strobe, between 2-7 times. This unit also allows you to select (8) levels of brightness with the click of a button.
Great for car shows!
This LED kit will set your C7 apart from all the others out there! 

The kit includes the following:
2 x 18" waterproof led strips with 27 superbright LEDs on each side for the fender cove area.
 Complete wiring harness.
 Our kit has extra leads on the fender cove wiring so you can wire our rear facia kits to work with the remote instead of coming on with the lights. You can order this optional wiring kit on the rear facia led kit page.
 Installation hardware.

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