Corvette Lower Front Chin Spoiler : 2006-2013 Z06 / Grand Sport

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Manufacturer Part Number: 628669
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Front Chin Spoiler, 2006-2013, OE Reproduction Z06 & GS

A virtually invisible interlock design at the center makes our C6 Z06, or Grand Sport Chin Spoiler a must to repair or restore your Corvette. Two piece design accommodates standard shipping practices yielding big savings over the one piece GM part which must ship via Common Carrier.

C6 Corvette Front Spoilers play a critical role in the operation of your C6's Cooling System. By creating negative air pressure under the front end of the C6 the Front Spoiler directs air flow to the radiator. Corvette Lower Front Spoilers have always been highly susceptible to damage from curbs, parking blocks and elevated drives. Once damaged; or even missing entirely, your Corvette will experience higher average operating temperatures leading to decreased cooling system efficiency and service life in addition to possible overheating and premature/accelerated engine wear.

Exact reproduction 2 piece design to minimize shipping costs
Maintain adequate air flow through the radiator for proper engine cooling
Provides optimum amount of cool air inside engine bay for maximum horsepower
No modification installation
 Fits z06 and grand sport
Direct replacement 2 piece design for gm #15834249

NOTE: Does not fit standard C6 Corvette.