2014 C7 Corvette Stingray Side Skirts : side rockers - Zero1

Option Selected: Primed
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Manufacturer Part Number: 45-4-001
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Continuing our quest for synergy and style, our Stingray Side Rockers will complement our new Splitters in the same range quite beautifully.
Fully prepped and primed the Stingray Side Rockers are smoothly molded using our RTM composite process that makes rough edges a thing of the past.
The installation process takes only 30 minutes per side, using the mechanical fastener kit supplied and avoiding the use of messy adhesives or double-sided tape.

Our Stingray Side Rockers carry the following features as standard:
Manufactured in an OEM-validated RTM composite material
Enhances your car’s aerodynamics at high speeds
Will not lower the ride height of the vehicle
Smooth finish to both sides that looks and feels good, and facilitates easy cleaning
Mounted to the original OEM rocker panel (Drilling required)
Installation kit including (Passenger/ Driver Side Rocker Panels, 18 Scrivets, 16 U-nuts & Bolts, Easy Instructions).
Compatible with several other splitters on the market

Select finish when ordering:
Primed Finish
Textured Black Finish
Carbon Flash