Corvette Door Handle/Under Door Puddle LED Lighting Kit : C7 Stingray, Z51, Z06, Grand Sport, ZR1


Choose your color and Bright or Super Bright.
Only 1 kit needed per vehicle

Our LED kit for lighting up your C7 door handle area and the area under your doors, will set your car apart from the others faster than you can say "Hey, look at that!" and both lights retain the theater effect of the factory interior lights.
All LED strips are waterproof and self adhere.

This kit combines 2 of our most popular kits into 1 to make connections for the door handle/puddle kit a plug and play operation. The kit feature 8 leds per side under the door and 3 led's in each of the door handles. Used together these kits create a flow of light from the door handles to the puddle lights then into the footwell area and will require no tapping into the factory wiring. Both kits will retain the "theater effect" of the factory interior lights. Our footwell kit lights up the entire footwell area and plugs directly into the factory connector and the door handle puddle kit plugs into the footwell kit. The door handle/puddle light kit will light up the door handle pockets and an area under the door so you can see better getting in and out of your Vette. Hit the "unlock" button on the key fob and the door handle will light up! These lights are not on when going down the road.
Select from our 2 brightness levels.

Note: Door panel removal is not required for installation.
Installation takes approx. 1 hr per side.
Instructions are included.