What Car Cover Should You Be Using This Winter?

What Car Cover Should You Be Using This Winter?






It's that time of year again where you have to begin storing your car away for the winter. Whether you're parking your car outside, or closing it up in the garage, the added protection of a car cover is always worth considering for winter storage.

Now, before we dive into which car cover you should be using to suit your needs, let's confront some common car cover myths and misconceptions. 

Can car covers scratch your paint?

 This is a common fear, and for good reason. It is possible for a car cover to scratch your car, but usually only from the debris left between the cover and your paint. If your car isn't clean and clear of dirt and dust, you could quickly end up with swirls and hairline scratches. Another issue can be when a cover is not stored properly and the fabric itself attracts particles that are then transferred to your paint. When either of these occur, shifting and stretching the cover over your car moves these particles across the surface, causing visible damage to your clear coat. It also helps to make sure you're buying a high quality cover with a soft inner layer. 

What can you do to avoid this? Only install a car cover after your car has been washed and/or freshly dusted. Using a premium duster like the California Car Duster can help you achieve this quickly and safely, if your car isn't too dirty. But a duster won't pick up 100% of the dirt. Our favorite way to clean a car before putting a cover on is with Liquid X Detail Spray. A quick detailer like this will guarantee there are no dust particles left behind to cause harm to your vehicle's finish.  Also, try to purchase covers that include a bag to ensure it stays clean when not in use. 

Can car covers damage your car in other ways? 

You may not realize that water can actually damage your car. A heavy duty weatherproof cover can trap moisture underneath, which may deteriorate your finish with oxidation, rust or mold. If a cover is too dense, it will not allow the moisture to absorb, leaving you with a serious problem after rain or a dewy morning.  

Keep this in mind when shopping for an outdoor cover. Overlook the covers that parade their complete weatherproof qualities, and look for protection that is breathable instead. 


Considering everything we've talked about, you now know how important it is to give your car proper protection from the elements, especially during long term storage. So which car cover should you be using?

We recommend the SR1 Performance Ultraguard Car Cover line

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If storing your car outside, the Ultraguard Plus is the perfect car cover to keep your vehicle clean and safe. This cover has superior UV resistance, meaning UV Rays will not touch your paint or affect your clear coat. It is water resistant, but not water repellent, with just enough breathability to wick the moisture after it rains. The elastic band around the bottom secures the cover from allowing wind or debris in. Most importantly, is the ultra-soft cotton inner layer that keeps your paint safe and scratch free. This outdoor cover has been tested in the Santa Ana winds of California, the blistering sun in Florida, and the snow from Pennsylvania. It comes with a storage bag as well to keep it clean when not in use. If you're storing your car outdoors this year, this is the cover for you.



Ultraguard outdoor car cover





If you are lucky enough to store your vehicle inside, we highly recommend the Ultraguard Stretch Satin. This best-selling cover beats the competition in fit, protection and quality. The sleek satin outside hugs the lines of your car perfectly, so you can still appreciate it even when it's put away. The seams line up perfectly on each model, and unlike competitors, it has enough stretch to fully cover the bottom of the car even with an added spoiler and splitter. The Stretch Satin cover's interior is incredibly plush and soft, ensuring your prized possession underneath is kept free from scratches or swirls. A car cover bag is included to keep the cover free from dust when not in use. The vibrant color options make this our top choice for Corvette owners



Ultraguard indoor stretch satin car cover

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