Corvette Performance Package - Stage 3 : 2006-2013 C6 Z06/LS7

Option Selected: 2006-2011
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Stage 3 
The best just got better! WCC takes our performance packages to the next level with the Stage 3 kit. We have intergraded everything from the previous stages to help save you money and time should you have already purchased some performance parts. WCC improves your Z06 performance by adding what every sport car owner knows make true power, Long Tube Headers. The LT headers increase horsepower and torque across the whole RPM range while adding that strong health Corvette V8 sound. The stage 3 is a perfect example of “your reputation precedes you.”

Stage 3 + 55HP 
Includes Stage 2
Kooks long tube headers with x-pipe (substitution available)
Heat socks
Note: Check local laws for smog requirements.

Stage 2 
If a little extra power is good, then MORE is great! WCC has improved upon the first stage with this STAGE 2 package. It includes everything from Stage 1 and since you now have all that extra cold air we have to get that out of the motor. The stage 2 kit includes an all new stainless steel exhaust system for added power and aggressive sound. Also MSD performance spark plug wires to keep up with high rev potential of the LS7 motor. This kit is designed to add extra bite to all that bark.

Stage 2 + 35HP 
Includes Stage 1
Corsa Exhaust (substitution available)
MSD wires
Note: Check local laws for smog requirements.

Stage 1
Power is always the answer. With WCC’s Z06 Stage 1 you can easily and safely increase the horsepower without compromising your Z06 already stellar performance. This kit is designed to add noticeable power without the high cost of custom rebuilds. Great for owners looking for that little extra punch with a low price.

Kit includes our Carbon Fiber Hurricane intake which offers fresh cold air induction and strong carbon fiber construction to keep with the Z06’s light weight design. As we all know heat is power. Since the Hurricane is adding more power we need to manage that, so we have also includes a new 160’ thermostat and Water Wetter to stabilize the change.

Stage 1 + 25HP
Hurricane Intake (Carbon Fiber)
160’ Thermostat
Skip Shifter
Water Wetter
Note: Check local laws for smog requirements.

Substitute options, cost increase +/- :
Camshaft – “punisher” or “Evil twin”
Radiator – Dewitt or Ron Davis
Muffler – Corsa, B&B, Akropovic, Borla
Headers – Kooks, American Racing, LG, Borla, B&B, Melrose
Hurricane- Carbon Fiber or Plastic

ZR1 clutch package
Sport compound tires
Mezer water pump
Katech oil pump