Corvette ZR1 Style Front Splitter Brace : 2006-2013 Z06,Grand Sport

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This brace is for those guys that take their Z06/Grand Sport/ZR1 to the race track and push the car hard! If you plan on doing speeds over 140mph for extended periods of time, you'll want to add this front brace if you purchase our front splitter.

For those of you that race a little on the street and mostly drive your C6 around the highway at 70-85mph, you simply do not need this part.

This brace bolts into place and you must remove the front nose cover for installation."

2006 & Newer Z06 with ZR1 style front splitter
2010 & Newer Grand Sport with ZR1 style front splitter
NOTE: Does not fit standard C6 with or without ZR1 Splitter.