Corvette Exhaust Corvette Exhaust System Corvette Exhaust System - Akrapovic Titanium Evolution : 2006-2013 Z06 & ZR1

Corvette Exhaust System - Akrapovic Titanium Evolution : 2006-2013 Z06 & ZR1

Corvette Exhaust System - Akrapovic Titanium Evolution : 2006-2013 Z06 & ZR1

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Corvette Exhaust System - Akrapovic Titanium Evolution : 2006-2013 Z06 & ZR1

Price : $4,285.95

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Evolution exhaust system for 2006+ Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 and ZR1

The famous Z06, a high performance version of the actual Corvette, is at the same level with Super sports cars as Porsche GT2, Nissan GT-R, and Lamborghini Gallardo. The big 7.0 l engine, with huge power and gigantic torque, delivers an incredible performance, which will make finding an equal rival on the road really hard. With the Akrapovic aftermarket Evolution exhaust system, made of titanium or stainless steel, optionally equipped with an exhaust valve remote control, the Z06 will now transform into a pure GT-Racer. Additional HP and torque are a given but the sound will make you feel like you are directly in Laguna Seca or Daytona, racing the GT1 Corvette. The four huge 125 mm or smaller 115 mm titanium or carbon fiber tail pipes offer a visual image of what is hiding under the car.

The Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system for Z06 was optimized in many ways to meet the requirements of our engineers. Without performing any alterations to the headers and cats, the exhaust system delivers additional power of 14 HP and additional torque of 28, from mid- to high rpm. The throttle response is much sharper now, which improves agility, as does the weight reduction of 15kg, respectively. However, the most significant change is the sound, which makes everyones wishes come true. Lovers of the pure V8 race engine sound must have an Akrapovic Evolution system. It will transport them directly to the racetrack. An optional remote controlled Exhaust valve system is also a must have.

Evolution system:

  • Titanium or stainless steel link pipes
  • Titanium or stainless steel end mufflers
Hard facts (ZO6):
  • Plus 14 HP (at 3.450 rpm)
  • Plus 28 Nm (at 3.460 rpm)
  • 15 kg lighter than stock (Evolution Titanium)
  • 6 kg lighter than stock (Evolution Stainless Steel)
  • (4) Titanium exhaust tail pipes (115 or 125 mm in diameter)
  • (4) Carbon Fiber exhaust tail pipes (115 or 125 mm in diameter)
  • Wireless kit for exhaust valves
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