Corvette Wheels - XO Luxury - XF1 Mesh (Set) - Arsenic : C6, C7

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Manufacturer Part Number: XF1 Mesh
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Corvette Specific, Spin Forged 
XO Luxury - XF1 Mesh Arsenic Wheels
19 x 9.5 / ET 56 and 20 x 11 / ET 73 : C6, C7

Spin Forged Process:
Flow Forming has many advantages over a regular cast wheel. Two main benefits are weight reduction and strength. Flow Formed wheels are generally 25% lighter than a regular cast wheel. The strength of a Flow Formed wheel on average has a 20% - 30% increase in tensile strength over a fully cast wheel.

Flow Forming is one of the most innovative manufacturing processes to enter the wheel industry. This complex process involves the application of heat and pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel, stretching and compressing the aluminum, which increases tensile strength of the barrel. This development shares similar properties to those found in the forging method. The final product is lighter, stronger and has improved shock resistance as well as an increased load capacity over regular cast wheels.

Immediately after casting, the wheel is transferred to the flow forming drum. High pressure hydraulic rollers move into position at the top of the wheel barrel. The highly pressurized hydraulic rollers move down the barrel applying force to compress, stretch and form the entire wheel barrel, producing optimal weight savings. The flow forming process alters the grain of the aluminum to achieve a barrel that is thinner, stronger and lighter, increasing strength and reducing weight properties similar to those of forged wheels.