Corvette Cleartastic Fender & Mirror Film Kit - Paint Protection : C7 Stingray, Z51

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This C7 Corvette Stingray Fender & Mirror Film Kit from Cleartastic will protect the paint behind the front & rear wheels plus the exterior mirrors. 

• Invisible Once Applied!
• Pre-cut & Designed to Easily Apply!
• Apply in Minutes!
• Outstanding Protection!
• One Time Application Provides Years & Years of Protection!
• Safe For Your Corvettes Finish!
• Great For Racing Conditions or Everyday Driving

Its not if, its when…..
Your C7’s paint is beautiful but delicate & vulnerable. Between your own tires throwing stones back onto your paint & your mirrors sticking out exposed to oncoming debris, it’s only a matter of time before that one chip ruins your perfect day! C7 Corvette Fender & Mirror Film Kit Cleartastic PLUS paint protection film addresses those 2 issues. It creates a clear protective barrier for your delicate paint against, scratches, rocks & road debris. Cleartastic PLUS, is invisible once applied so it does not hide or change the look of your corvette. This kit is pre cut & designed for a simple easy application. Applies in minutes. Withstands harsh weather and extreme high speeds. Cleartastic Plus has a mild adhesive to make it a “set it and forget it” film. One time application provides years & years of protection. Smooth as glass appearance make it invisible once applied. Wash & wax over the film. Treat it like your paint.

A great alternative to mud flaps and bulky mirror covers.

Cleartastic PLUS (Mild adhesive, one time “set & forget” application)