Corvette Weatherstripping

Chevrolet Corvette 1996 Corvette Weatherstripping

Leaking windows, wet carpets, rattling door glass and ill-fitting body panels can all be the result of poorly manufactured or deteriorating Corvette weatherstrip. We carry every piece of weatherstrip to repair and restore your Corvette to its original tight fitting waterproof condition. New reproduction body, door and roof panel weather-strips have the correct molded ends and profile for a seamless installation. We can restore your Corvette’s hardtop or soft convertible top with correct style rubber. Mounting hardware is available for all applicable pieces. If a complete restoration or repaint is in order, our full-line of Corvette parts includes Weatherstrip Packages for complete rubber replacement.

Corvette Body Weatherstip
Corvette Body Gaskets, Weatherstrip Screws, Weatherstrip Body Kit, Fender Seal, Pillar Weatherstrip.
Corvette Convertible Weatherstrip
Convertible Top Roof Rails, Window Stop Screws, Fasteners, Top Slide Rails for 1956-1996.
Corvette Coupe Weatherstrip
Weatherstrip Retainer, Coupe Weatherstrip Kit, Weatherstrip Screws, Hardware, Molding, 1963-1996.
Corvette Door Weatherstrip
Door End Cap Retainer, Driver Door Weatherstrip, Door Access Plate, Door Handle Gasket, Screws.
Corvette Gaskets, Liners & Seals
Outer Window Seal Screws, Body Gasket, Window Seal, Front Brake Splash Shield Gaskets 1958-1982
Corvette Hardtop Weatherstip
Hardtop Rear Weatherstrip, Lower Molding Screws, Fasteners, Hardware for 1956-1996 Corvette.
Corvette Windshield & Window Weatherstrip
Roof Side Rail Weatherstrip, Window Track, Regulator Roller Rivets, Windshield Glass Weatherstrip.