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Corvette Brakes

Corvette Brakes

West Coast Corvettes carries an array of braking components for your new Corvette. We carry everything to increase your stopping power for your Corvette. They must meet up to our strict quality standards before we will bring them to you. We are always adding new products so be sure to come back & visit again soon.

Corvette Brake Bleeder & Fluid
DOT4 Brake Fluid, Brake Bleeders, Bleeder Valves, Brake Fluid Test Strips, Motul Brake Fluid.
Corvette Brake Booster
Brake Booster, Master Cylinders, Vacuum Lines, Silencers, Firewall Gaskets, Bearings and more.
Corvette Brake Cooling
Hit the track and keep your brakes cool and working properly with Brake Rotor Cooling Ducts!
Corvette Brake Hoses
Corvette Brake Hoses, Brake Lines, Vapor Return Lines, Hose Brackets, Flex Hoses and Fittings.
Corvette Brake Lines
Corvette Brake Lines, Stainless Steel Hard Lines, Brackets, Fittings and Complete Sets.
Corvette Brake Master Cylinder
Brake Master Cylinders, Brake Fluid Reservoir, Park Brake Master Kit, Diaphragm and rebuild kits.
Corvette Brake Pedal
Brake Pedals, Pedal Pads, Pedal Frame, Pedal Arm, Return Spring, Pedal Push Rod and Pivot Spacers.
Corvette Caliper Covers
C5 and C6 Brake Caliper Covers, Powder Coat Painted, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.
Corvette Caliper Parts
Caliper Mounting Brackets, Seals, Repair Kits, Caliper Pistons, Springs, Painted Calipers.
Corvette Disc Brakes
Rotor Backing Plates, Backing Shields, Anti-Lock Computer Modules and ABS Wheel Speed Sensors.
Corvette Drum Brakes
Corvette Brake Wheel Cylinders, Wheel Cylinder Seal Kits, Wheel Cylinder Pistons and Brake Drums.
Corvette Parking Brakes
Brake Cables, Parking Brake Levers, Rebuild Kits, Return Springs and Parking Brake Handles.
Corvette Rotors & Covers
Hi-Performance Rotors and Racing Rotors, Vented, Drilled, Colored Rotors and Rotor Covers.
Corvette Brake Packages
Complete Brake Rotor,Brake Caliper, Brake Line and Brake Fluid Packages for Ultimate Stopping Power!
Corvette Brake Hardware Parts
Brake System Bolts, Screws, Bushings, Brackets and more...Everything you need for brake maintenance.
Corvette Brake Pads
C5, C6, Z06, ZR1 and GS Brake Pads, Original Equipment, Hi-Performance, Racing and Ceramic Pads.